WHAT SIZE DO I NEED? Let our storage professional’s help you select the size that best meets your needs. The chart below will help guide you in in your storage selection.*
Unit Size Equivelant to a: What it will hold:
5 x 5
25 sf
Small Closet
4x8 or 5x8 trailer
Several boxes, bicycles, small furniture items, holiday decorations, toys, sports equipment, personal items
5 x 10
50 sf
Walk-in Bedroom Closet
5x10 to 6x12 trailer or 10-12 ft truck
Business records & supplies, small amounts of furniture, mattress set
10 x 10
100 sf
Average Bedroom
14-16ft truck
Contents of a studio or small one bedroom apartment with appliances
10 x 15
150 sf
Master Bedroom
17-20ft truck
Contents of a 2 bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, business inventory or materials, business records storage, small car or utility trailer
10 x 20
200 sf
Single Car Garage
24ft truck
2 bedroom house with appliances, car, professional office records storage.
10 x 25
250 sf
Large Single Car Garage
24-26ft truck
2-3 bedroom house with room for garage or patio items/furniture. Small boat.
10 x 30
15 x 20
300 sf
Oversized Single Car Garage
26ft truck
3-4 bedroom house with patio furniture, garage storage and many boxes. Larger boat.
14.6 x 25
365 sf
Small shop or Office
3-4 bedroom house, boats, cars, shop.
15 x 30
450 sf
Wood or metal shop 4-5 bedroom house, cars, boats, some inside RV storage.
*Size availability varies by location. Check with the location you’re interested in to find out what sizes are currently available. These are basic guidelines to help you determine your storage requirements. Each person/situation will be different and the suggestions listed here may not meet your requirements.